The Smart Station - Terms & Conditions of Business

I have tried to keep my terms and conditions as simple and straightforward as possible to support my business model, while still retaining the legal aspects which
are crucial for a good business to run well.  If you would like to work with me, please read through these Ts&Cs to make sure you’re happy with them too.

Throughout these Terms & Conditions, ‘I’ refers to me, Gaynor Carr, trading as The Smart Station.  ‘You’ refers to a potential or existing client.

Commencement of Work

1.  I will not proceed with any work for you as a client until you have indicated
that you agree with and accept these Terms & Conditions.


2.  For invoices including my fees only, I operate on 7 calendar-day payment terms from the date of my invoice (unless agreed otherwise with you in advance), which I will usually issue electronically to you once the final artwork has been agreed and signed off.  If payment is made after this 7 day period, I reserve the right to charge a late fee and interest on the outstanding amount for the period it remains outstanding. It seems only reasonable that if I do the work on time, I should be paid on time! However, for invoices which include a recharge element where I have purchased print or other supplies on your behalf, such invoices are issued for immediate payment.  My fees do not include VAT (I am not VAT registered). 

3.  Payment by bank transfer (BACS, internet banking) is preferred, or by cheque or in cash. You may also pay by credit or debit card into my account, which is As PayPal charge me a fee for this facility (2.9% + £0.30), I pass this fee onto you as the payee for the convenience, and you will need to add on the fee cost to the total shown. This amount is shown on the invoice as a separate total.  

4.  I usually charge clients on an hourly basis (broken into 15 minute periods as necessary) with a minimum charge of half an hour, or where appropriate, I may suggest a fixed price for a project or element of a project.  If working to a fixed price, I will ask you to confirm the scope of work to be included in the fixed price, and I reserve the option to alter the price or charge additional fees if I am requested to carry out work additional to the original specification.  I will agree any changes and additional charges with you in advance.

5.  If you request that work is completed urgently, which will require me to carry out the work over the course of a weekend (between 6pm Friday and 8am Monday, UK time), or during any UK Bank Holidays, I reserve the option to charge a higher rate, up to double the hourly rate or normal fixed price for the job.  I will discuss this with you at the time you commission the work.  

6.  For fixed price work, this will usually include an allowance for two sets of
revisions to the artwork and/or copy.  Further revisions will normally incur an
additional charge based on my standard hourly rate.

7.  Any query relating to an invoice issued by me must be raised in writing by you within 7 days from the date of the invoice. If no query is raised by you within this period it will be deemed as having been accepted in full.

8.  I reserve the option to ask for a non-refundable deposit, part- or full payment before commencing work - particularly with new clients, or clients who are not
local to me, or whom I don't get to meet in person.

9.  For work likely to take longer than one month to complete, I reserve the
option to ask for payment in installments and will agree payment milestones
with you before commencement of work.

10.  If a project is abandoned by a client, or the time period to complete the
work is extended by the client for much longer than originally estimated (for
example, more than a month), I reserve the option to invoice the client for the
work carried out to date, even if the project is unfinished.





Intellectual Property (IP)

11.  Copyright of all artwork including logos and written copy remains with me
until full cleared payment for the work has been received, and I will not release
copyrights or allow artwork to be used in any way until such cleared
payment is received in full.  

12.  Copyright of the design of final agreed artwork (final agreed design only,
not earlier iterations
) will transfer in full to you as the commissioning client on
receipt of full cleared payment for the work.  I am happy to provide a signed Assignment of Copyright Agreement if required.  Your payment covers artwork for your final agreed and approved design only.  If you wish to use other iterations of the artwork (or elements of it), or require additional variations of the design, an additional design fee will be payable.

13.  I retain the right, but not the requirement, to display artwork I have created for clients as ongoing examples of my craft for self-promotion purposes (eg. on my website and/or as hard copy print) unless it is confidential in any way – I am happy to discuss this with clients on an individual basis.

Rechargeable Goods and Services

14.  If you wish me to order goods or services on your behalf (such as
purchasing printwork, stock images, etc), I am happy to do this and
reserve the option to invoice you for immediate (or upfront) payment
for the costs, prior to placing the order (see paragraph 2).  

15.  I will not normally charge for ordering print when this is being ordered and invoiced as part of the overall project, but if you would like me to order print on your behalf, I will make a small charge to do so when this is requested separately from the original project (for example, when re-ordering business cards some months after the original design work and print order was completed).

16.  It is your responsibility as the client to check all copy and content for
accuracy prior to you signing off any artwork and prior to any print orders
being placed. You must ensure you do so thoroughly as once you have approved your artwork, you will be entirely responsible for the accuracy of your printed order. No responsibility for errors or omissions will be accepted by The Smart Station once print has been ordered, and/or post print production.  I reserve the option to make an additional charge for any corrections or further revisions required once you have signed off the final artwork.


Terms & Conditions of Business ©The Smart Station 2023





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